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I think every fan here would agree that the Replacements are working hard. Nobody’s jakin’ it. This isn’t the Timbers, playing dazed and confused.

But. The things we’ve seen the club do all season; things like turning the ball over, things like pushing up the 10s and fullbacks and getting torched in transition, things like people not named Smith failing to finish…these things are irritating when the squad is at full strength but lethal with this group of lesser talents. You can get away with doing stupid shit when you have Dunn and Sugita to bail you out. When it’s Taylor Porter? No. That stuff kicks you dead in the ass.

Fortunately it’s just this and Gotham and the Cup. So the damage is limited; it’s not 2015 or 2019.

Still. It’s frustrating for us to watch, and it’s gotta be as bad or worse for players like Sam Coffey who have to try to wrestle points out of this goat rodeo.

And it does shed a very unflattering light on Mike Norris and the FO. They had time to prepare for this. The league gave them a free hand to reach out and hunt up some quality unsigned players as NTRPs. They could have been working that group on playing together.

Instead we get two pickup games and two losses to very poor opponents.

And some epic crap officiating, but that is what it is…

Oh, well. Onward, Rose City.

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Advanced stages of vetting prospective owners.... reported on March 20.

Berman personally checking up every few weeks or so... reported on March 20.

We need an update from Davis and Berman, and we need reporters asking about this.

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Relevant to our Gotham game this weekend:

“INBOX: Gotham FC will announce the signings of two new players joining the club this week, with one player announced this afternoon, on Wednesday, July 5, and another player announced tomorrow, on Thursday, July 6. Both players will be available for roster selection for Gotham FC’s home match against the Portland Thorns on Sunday, July 9.”

If I were guessing, it would be the two Spanish players we’ve seen linked to Gotham, Esther González and Maitane López. Tough luck for the Thorns.

KK? KK? Beuller? Beuller? Hello?

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Keep seeing transfer news and signings around us, but never about us. Orlando just got themselves one of the best CB's in the WSL, and is in the rumor mill for a Portuguese int'l (whom Arsenal and PSG are also interested in), KC just signed the "player of the year" in the Danish league (a CB)....and we're just over here.....doing nothin'. Ever. Lol.

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Horan & Morgan double captains. Horan has been been slowly entrenching her place as captain for the last year or so. A little surprised in the double capo choice but not surprised by Horan getting the badge.

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Looks like we now have defender Kayla Morrison as an NTRP:


Nut graf: "Morrison, 26, most recently played for the Melbourne Victory in Australia, leading the team as its captain all the way to an appearance in the A-League Grand Final."

Anyone know much else about her? Centerback, I hope?

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Once had the Great Wall of Emilies.

Now have the Meh Bench of Izzies.

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Some good news: Rocky has joined Costa Rica in preparation for the WC!


Also, looks like Natu will be leaving after this away game, for the Finland Women’s National Team for upcoming matches during the July FIFA window, spanning July 10-18 against Iceland and Scotland.

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OMFG did everyone just see menges’ latest post? Im the happiest man in the world

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What really chafes cheeks is that the best part of KC last night was their defending. Cooper impressed me with her defending more than her attacking, and Robinson and especially Ball were absolute pests.

When you look at last night's stats, it's astonishing how thoroughly Portland dominated and outplayed KC, but those of us who watched it live saw the Thorns utter offensive futility time and time again.

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Based on watching last night, Weaver could be used like Smith as a running #9. She went central so much last night that maybe she should just start there. I thought Vasconcelos was serviceable last night on the wing. Reyes was active if not so much effective as a wing but she's much more dangerous playing in place of Kling on the back line. Better defender too.

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KC sign another international defender... Danish CB Stine Ballisager Pedersen.

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Jul 6, 2023·edited Jul 6, 2023

Isabel Dehakiz signed. Midfielder help.


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WEEK 14: With Great Power Rankings Comes Great Responsibility

(1) Courgettes

(2) Puget Sound WoSo Team

(3) Stems Without Thorns

(4) DC Kang

(5) Gotham's Dark Night

(6) SD Champipple

(7) Doordash

(8) Pride (In the Name of Love)

(9) Loovull


(11) No Stars


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It was so weird that we had **nine** players on the bench and nobody other that Betfort even stretched during the second half. I think it sends a bad message to the players. Like "There is absolutely no chance that you are going to play tonight." Also, puts you in a bind if you need an injury sub.

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As bad as this week's results have been, they're hardly surprising. I mean, look at these changes...

(1) Hogan started Wednesday

(2) Bixby started Saturday

(3) Coffey is playing the 8, not the 6

(4) Moultrie is starting at the 10 and going 90

(5) Porter is starting at the 6

(6) Vasconcelos is starting

(7) Betfort is seeing significant minutes at the 9

(8) D'Aquila is seeing significant minutes at the 9

(9) Reyes is pushing up to the RW

There were other changes too... and they're all connected to all the absences

We made a huge amount of changes, most of which were below- or well-below-replacement level, all at once.

You can withstand 1-2 of those at a time, but not all of this.

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