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May 12, 2023·edited May 12, 2023

Thanks for your preview Phuoc!

Some last minute bad news for Houston with a late scratch of Diana Ordonez and Ally Prisock, both out due to Covid. That’s a starting CB and, well, Diana Ordonez. I imagine this puts Salmon at the 9, where she’s actually more dangerous than she is out wide.

Shea Groom apparently back fit for the first time this season. Hoping to not see her so we can keep all of our players intact.

Do we make the midfield change everybody sees? Sure hope so.

Also, we’ve got Koraleva tonight. Woof, gonna be a dog fight!

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*Insert the Michae Scott “ohmygod it’s happening” meme*

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Disappointed Becky is still out--she's obviously needed back there. And now would be the ideal time to learn whether McGrady has a meaningful future on the squad--did she take a chainsaw or something to that thigh? Ideally, given Emily is still playing herself back into shape, there is a substitution plan rather than letting her go 90, Is Reyes ready?

Road game vs. Houston--I'll guess we squeak out of there with a 2-2 draw. "Undefeated!" "Uh, yeah, super."

Prove me wrong, Thorns. Last week I guessed a 1-3 win and got the wrong end of the number 3.

Did I know Houston has a Bayou? I just knew they have a metric buttload of refineries and chemical plants that sit next to unfortunate water.

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I want to see a solid complete game from Bixby. She's had some shaky moments over the past two games; that can get inside a keeper's head. She needs to be rock solid against a team that isn't scoring well to get her confidence (and that of her backline) back.

And speaking of backline...I REALLY want to see a disciplined and well-organized defense this evening. No more of this Pogarchesque random running; stick your marks, tackle, ball-side-goal-side...knock off the ballwatching and marking space. Defending 101; it's not hard! Crap teams do it all the time when you think that "well-organized" is a common epithet for "boring and useless". I'd like to see some 2017 Menges for a change, too, thanks.

I was kidding about ballistic vests, but Koroleva? Loose the hounds!

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May 13, 2023·edited May 13, 2023

In the 33rd, am I wrong to think this feels like a 0-0 tie?

And just like that, it's Moultrie's willingness to face the goal that creates a second ball opportunity.

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May 13, 2023·edited May 13, 2023

In other news….Maria Sanchez has swapped to the RW position, and now Nally and Kling will have to contain her and I am NERVOUS lol. Salmon in the middle. Please, not another 3-3 or high scoring nervy game plz.

Laity has also swapped his fullbacks…Chapman on the R and Dydasco on the L. Seems weird and possibly problematic (for them), but he’s going deep tactics on this one lol…Chapman is a bruiser though, likely trying to stop the Morgan Weaver stampede.

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No Hina in the 11. Okaaaaayyy...

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