Just to stir the pot a bit...

1) Portland

2) Puget Sound WoSo Team

3) San Diego

4) Washington

5) Gotham

6) Houston

7) Racing Louisville

8) KC


10) Chicago

11) NC

12) Orlando

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Before becoming KC Current GM, Camille Ashton worked for WWE in Talent Recruitment & Management.

Here is never-before-seen footage of Ashton, having traveled to Houston on a match day, delivering Matt Potter the news that she was terminating his employment:


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Good lord Angel City, have a sense of the moment!

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Yeah I agree with Stoney when she said they haven't played well and that their luck is gonna run out soon. They've looked pretty rough and disjointed imo. Nothing like last season, but they've put away the only shots they get on goal. It's definitely ugly soccer....I'd expect more from Stoney, but we did see that a bit fro her last season as well, imo. Very defensive and compact, until the one or two times they'd get a Sheridan to Kornieck to Morgan ball, or, a Morgan to Kornieck ball. Wasn't the most pleasing to watch...but got the job done.

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Interesting Equalizer this week. Nice that Portland are in first, but I'm feeling the weight of being only 1 point ahead of Puget Sound WoSo Team and Gotham. Was also struck about the insight that Williams looks relaxed and that she handled the surprise to Gotham with grace. That's exactly the opposite of my sense of what things are like in KC right now. I think the GM is gripping hard, and she's trading long-term for short-term.

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STF Fantasy Week 4: Skull Smashers put up an insane 148 to move into 3rd

1. Pitch Perfect United- 500

2. PDX Fantastics- 476

3. Skull Smashers -468

4. Dream Weaver - 464

5. Thornando FC- 456

6. Searchers- 446

7. Danxp2- 435

8. Tuscan Oilers- 435

9. Smith is the Face, Fishlock the heel- 402

10. The Slab Serifs- 396

11. Sharpe's Bay United- 384

12. Artemis FC- 345

13. VARforall- 281

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Here's a weird ride for web-surfers....

View the LinkedIn pages for all the folks who currently or previously worked for an NWSL club.

High turnover industry.

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I'd actually put Reign first at this point. Yeah they dropped their first game, but since then they've looked better and better.

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