T1: Portland, Seattle

T2: Washington, NCC

T3: SD, Gotham

T4: Louisville, ACFC, KC, Orlando

T5: Chicago

Bonus: Ommgg poor Tara :(


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Kang's Plan for World Domination:


As ever, "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos!"

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Was there any doubt?

Narrator: there was never any doubt.

POTW Sophia Smith.


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I put the Courgettes #2 on my "Abuse of Power Rankings."

Most folks, including yours truly, picked the Courgettes (see what I did there?) to finish at or near the bottom of the table this year.

Instead, they're the hottest team in the league, having gone 5-1-2 since April 22 with a +10GD over that time. And they've played some legit competition in there too.

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In the 4th minute, Menges cleared a ball from right in front of Hogan, who was ready to grab it. It looked like a case of bad keeper communication to me, with Hogan failing to yell "KEEP!" in time. Menges didn't know, and didn't have time to see, that there wasn't a Spirit attacker right on her back, and that close to goal she rightly wasn't taking any chances. Is that right? Did anyone hear anything on that play? It was in the south end.

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One thing Vlatco said in his presser before the WC when asked about what made the young Alyssa Thompson such a valuable addition to the roster; he said she is unpredictable.

I hope Morgan Weaver makes it to the National team and she has definitely played well in the league four goals and three assists. She works hard on offense and defense; and she is fast; but there are probably not three players in the league faster than Thompson, if any; still Weaver is very fast. But is she unpredictable?

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OLR and SD have announced NTRP's since yesterday, am I missing any other teams?

Thorns? Thorns? Bueller? Anyone?....

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I’d flip the Courage and the Ripple, but looks good otherwise.

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Okay, who is leaving for the WWC? Dunn, Smith, Sinc, Sugita, Rodriguez, Leon, Kuikka. Did I miss anyone? Beckie in spirit.

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