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Just wanted to share this really, very lovely and well-written article about Crystal. Some good quotes from Soph and Becky as well. There are some good, eye-opening bits about where the Soubrier’s heads are at with his whole suspension, and makes me more hopeful that she won’t actually be leaving Portland. She opines about wanting to open an Afrobeat night club in Portland in the future, says Pierre is spending a lot more time with Marcel and doing things he never had time for with a full-time job, and apparently, meets with the NWSL monthly to stay in touch about his progress. I didn’t realize his ban for the league was only a year, and the way it sounds/looks to me (pure speculation ofc), he may try to come back to the Thorns for next season. Not sure how I feel about that given the image problems we already have, but, I guess we’ll see…

Also, some nice bits from Sophia about how this is kinda just the beginning of what they can do together on the field, so I’m hoping this means they’re both sticking around a bit longer. ::)


“I have always wanted to play with a player who just understands me and knows what I’m gonna do before I do it, and I feel like we kind of give that to each other,” Smith said. “That’s why you see us combining a lot. If I’m wide and I’m about to cross it, I don’t even have to look up and know Crystal’s there. It’s just so fun to play with a player like that. I feel like we complement each other, and this is really just the beginning of what I feel like we could do together.”

Either way, the article is good and makes it seem like Crystal has a nice life here in the PNW.


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Why not?

We're not going to advance in the Challenge Cup, and we'll need rested and healthy vets for the stretch run when all the Nats come back, especially now that we've dropped down the table a bit.

So, may as well see who can do what.

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Louisville are pretty much in tact. So too are Chicago. 2-0 Louisville at half. Chicago just shouldn't be this bad.

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Sure, I am going to go to the game. The Challenge Cup Championship boat has sailed now I would like to see some of these bench players see some time on the pitch. McGrady is the one I am most looking forward to seeing a lot more of. I would like to see more of Izzy too, because up until now we haven't seen enough to feel comfortable with her as a substitute when the Nationals return.

Reyes has had an uneven run lately and she needs more time, because she is a starter, if not now, in the near future, even when the Nats return. Liv needs more minutes because since the Nats left she hasn't seemed as dynamic with extended minutes.

I have always been a fan of Betfort because of her height, speed and strength. On that goal, either she was lucky or she has some untapped skill; because wow that was nice!

One thing I did like that Rhian did last year is rotate a lot of players and I think the Thorns were maybe the least tired group in the final four. It really showed in the semi-final.

If the US makes it to the final I think it will be a very tired (mentally and physically) group that returns. In 2015 and 2019 it took those players a while to come back to earth.

I have a feeling we will be seeing Rocky and Sinc back soon. We expected that with Rockie's team but Canada looks to be on the ropes. They have a great defense but an anemic attack and if Fleming does not get healthy fast, they will be home soon. As for Rocky, she didn't play so...

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I read that Natu is out with an excused absence tonight so we’re gonna be pretty thin on fullbacks. Guessing Kling and Reyes get the start, but wouldn’t be surprised to see Reyes and McGrady, if she’s fit.

Honestly, I’d love to see more from the NTRP’s we brought in. Let’s see Morrison at CB. Let’s see Dehakiz in the midfield. Let’s see Walker in the 9. I’m not sure Porter or Provenzano or Beckman or Betfort will have a ton more to show or that I’m super interested to see more of, but I’m kinda indifferent to who plays. Unfortunately, I don’t think we win this game. SD has better players in the M/F lines than we do.

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Dayumn, go off queen.

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