Miss this gal doing NWSL commentary.


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Aussie news has this on Kerr's working her way back.

"Matildas captain Sam Kerr had a ball at her feet and looks set for her long-awaited return in Monday’s must-win World Cup clash with Denmark after smiling her way through training on Thursday.

“It was a banger – that was a good choice,” Matildas goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold said.

“She has her own individual plan that she’s doing with the doctor and physio, getting her ready to join in with the team,’ Arnold said of the Matildas captain.

“What she had to do, she looked like she was quite comfortable doing it, and she was in high spirits after the (session), so I assumed it all went well.”

"The Matildas took to the field in Brisbane for the team’s first training session since their stunning demolition of Canada which ensured progressing out of the group stages. Arnold confirmed that Kerr, who is yet to play in the World Cup due to a calf injury, took part in the session, and had her own training program as she continued her bid to play against the Danes."

If she can play, the Matilda's ranking jumps over quite a few teams, I expect.

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Aug 4, 2023·edited Aug 4, 2023

R16 teams in order of confidence they can win the whole thing, by tier:

(T1- The faves)

1. England (lucked out with the way the bracket fell and have looked good)

2. Japan (best team so far by a good margin)

(T2- Flawed contenders)

3. Spain (I can’t quit them)

4. France (arguably the most complete team)

5. USA (if Vlatko pulls his head out of his ass)

(T3- Fringe contenders)

6. Netherlands

7. Sweden

8. Norway

9. Australia

10. Nigeria


11. Jamaica

12. Colombia

13. Denmark

14. South Africa

15. Switzerland

16. Morocco

Semis: Japan, Spain, France, England

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Aug 3, 2023·edited Aug 4, 2023

We have our potential Semifinal groups.

I don't really feel like past results are helpful to predict future outcomes in this tournament. Maybe it is because I have just been around the NWSL to long but I am using just Vibes to rank how likely I think they reach the semis finals.

Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

Japan, Sweden, USA and Norway.

England, Nigeria, Colombia, Jamaica.

France, Australia, Morocco, Denmark.

From Japan, France England And Netherlands I guess Japan to win it all, but I have no confidence in my picks really.

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Top 4:

France, Japan, England and USA

Australia is a wild card as a host nation, so they are number 5.

I think France will win it, but look out for USA. They have a big chip on their shoulders. Last world cup it was clear that there were technically better teams and there are even more contenders this go around, but I'm counting on them to be extra motivated because everyone is counting them out. They will find a way.

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England beat up on China but looked out of ideas in their first two games. Although they have a nice path to the final I worry they will struggle against better teams. #2 feels high. Sweden probably deserves that ranking more but got a tougher draw with the US.

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