"Portland hasn’t shown us anything yet this season to suggest they have the quality to get past the Sounders on Saturday."

Well said above.

To pull off something and get a result is to let chaos reign. Seattle seems very organized and patient, so it is up to the Timbers to disrupt those pretty patterns by log rolling them. Come at them in waves.

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“We’ve got to give them everything that we have.”

I have no doubt they will do that. I have many doubts that "everything we have" will result in anything positive. I would love to eat those words, but if both teams are giving "everything that they have", I am pretty sure I know which team will end up winning.

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Apr 15, 2023·edited Apr 15, 2023

I hate to be pessimistic about this team but I just don't see a scenario where we come out of this with a result. After last weeks showing my false hope seems to have run out.

Every week I keep thinking the team will bounce back and show some fight. That's what being a fan is all about right? But I end up seeing just a worse version of last year's team. A team that has no indentity or style of play, and just relies on individual moments. Except we don't have the players for those moments anymore - No more Bill for the set peices, or Blanco who, for all of his flaws and hero ball, at least tried to take initiative every once in a while.

It's a really demoralizing feeling. As they always say, form goes out the window in these types of games, but it's really, really tough not to go into this with the hope of avoiding embarrassment.

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I think Paredes and Evander make our non existent offensive midfield a bit better, and I want Boli to show us we have a forward who actually takes shots on frame, but realistically I believe a tie would be a win for us at this point. Seattle is no joke and in form right now.

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No C Roldan, Rusnak, or Atencio. Midfield might be a place to exploit.

Agree with earlier comment- MLS hyping El Crappo down south is beyond dumb. LAG is battling SKC for early season dumpster fire. LAFC is probably best team in MLS. Augh-

Looking forward to a fun crowd, good football, minimal fouls (I know, that last one is asking for a lot!) and a close game!

Go teams!

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I think the only think timbers and sounders fans can agree on is that we hate MLS playing up el trafico to be the better derby than this rivalry. I think with mls tv all under the same umbrella, we will see which rivalry is better by if jake zivin is commentating this game. (he better)

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So, the Timbers won't even be wearing green on their home pitch in this rivalry match. Everything points towards the negative for this match.

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Apr 14, 2023·edited Apr 14, 2023

I know Boli and Evander will get more run. But predicting multiple goals (for the Timbers) seems very bold. We had two shots and only one sequence you could call a chance against Vancouver. Our forward players took Whitecaps gear and fake moustaches and we’re hiding among the fans in the stands in the first half, I’m almost certain.

I think the Timbers will look mostly respectable but lose 3-1 or 2-0. They’d be outmatched healthy, and they aren’t even close to that. Form and especially evident identity are an even more drastic contrast.

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