Have I ever showed you all this pic of Rhian Wilkinson I found at a castle on the Rhine?


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Definitely a case where Thorns need to have a killer instinct on full display. A massively short-handed team is going to be going into the match in full knowledge that they will have to do something truly special to get a result and will be playing accordingly. We need to be at the same level of intensity.

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I don't think we can count on watching this game on Paramount+. It's not listed there as an upcoming game, and the NWSL site lists only CBS TV for this game.

The NWSL availability report isn't posted yet (11:00 am Friday). While the Thorns need to be able to beat KC regardless, there are several difference makers on the KC injured list as of last week. It could be a very different game depending on who's healthy.

Finally, I appreciate this article on the Thorns, and I hope the Thorns won't be an afterthought on this site, but the Timbers-themed logo and the lead photo of Timbers supporters aren't a good look for parity. I'm happy to give you time to get things sorted out, but I really want to see the Thorns given equal billing, equal coverage. I have nothing at all against the Timbers, but I'm here for the Thorns.

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I am so glad STF lives on!

I will not be shocked if Debinha plays. If Potter expects to lose with or without her, then he might sit her. But if she's in the 18, she'll start (my guess). Personally, I'd prefer she take the week off for safety. Debinha with an SEI hurts the whole league.

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Totally hoping KC succeeds in the long run, but just always behind Portland. Please let there be no April Fools tomorrow.

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Apr 1, 2023·edited Apr 1, 2023

With their casualty list if the Current have any sense they’ll park the bus and grind out a scoreless draw then hope to win the reverse fixture when they’re healthy late in the season.

LaBonta had a career year last season and was a huge part of the Current playoff push. Before the Debinha move I thought she would be critical to KCC hopes to repeat that push. Until Debinha is in form they’re back to looking to LaBonta for goals. Can she? I’m not convinced that Debinha will be “Debinha” yet, so she might have to.

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Wow. KC's availability report from the NWSL website:


Elizabeth Ball (hamstring)

Vanessa DiBernardo (knee)

Morgan Gautrat (lower leg)

Hanna Glas (knee)

Kristen Hamilton (knee)

Claire Lavogez (SEI – knee)

Sam Mewis (SEI – knee)

Desiree Scott (knee)

Mallory Weber (SEI – knee)

So Debinha will apparently play, but maybe it'll just be her and Franch alone out there....

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What a bloodbath over there in KC especially so early in the season. Good time to be going there though.

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