SD Wave just tied Louisville 0-0. So SD is in front by a point, but hopefully only temporarily. Go Thorns, grab that top spot!

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KC Current: The only team that can stop Debinha.

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Must win game. The team needs to gather as many points as possible before the WWC. Here hoping for a strong starting line-up, and a Sinc super sub appearance.

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Jun 10, 2023·edited Jun 10, 2023

In some respects this has trap game written all over it:

- Every player got up for that last game, and it was an emotional win; it'll be hard to generate that level of intensity for this one.

- Our previous game against Orlando was a relative walk in the park, so players might subconsciously think it'll be that way again. But this is a pretty different Orlando team who have figured out how to play better.

- Same for the standings: We're in first place (at least today) while they're in ninth, so Thorns players might relax just a fraction.

- The weather will be against us. Orlando players are used to Orlando conditions, while we are decidedly not.

Hopefully all this won't be enough to turn the tables from the last time we played them.

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Oh god the referee is Chesky

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Weather forecast of low 90's with scattered thunder storms . Let's hope for an uninterrupted match.

Go Thorns!

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Watching the OL/KC game and good looord is KC's defense/keeper combo dreadful. Just a complete and utter disaster. Seattle looking meek as hell, then bang, wide open header for Huitema out of nowhere.

Also, the fact that Sonnett is gonna be in NZ feels like a slap in the face to whatever defenders she inevitably makes the roster over.

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Yeesh no Menges tomorrow. Don’t loveeee that

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Does anyone know when the USWNT will start its final training sessions prior to the WWC?

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91 in Orlando right now. Supposed to be about 86 at kickoff and 80 by 9pm local time.

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Should this have been a yellow as called or a straight red?

Play it back at 1/4th speed and watch the reactions from Harvey, Huerta and Sonnett. While I expect a certain amount of partial advocating, Huerta's expression is pretty telling -- the look of astonishment on her face and how she covers her mouth as she's kneeling over Tullis Joyce. She's reflexively shocked by something.

Obviously it's a dangerous play by Debinha, how she just lowered her head and went for it, diving into where Tullis-Joyce is fully exposed, though they both went up for a 50/50 ball at the same time.

But I'm not sure I can call it a serious foul or say that Debinha used excessive force.

What do others think about this one?

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Well, we're relatively healthy today, but I have no idea how this goes if Becky doesn't play.

OUT: Janine Beckie (SEI – knee), Emily Menges (excused absence), Rocky Rodríguez (knee)

QUESTIONABLE: Becky Sauerbrunn (foot)

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Chicago have reclaimed bottom of the table, but the only reason why ACFCNFT aren't in 11th is because KC are already there.

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Crap, just noticed tomorrow's match is on CBSSN, "Where sports go to die."

My afternoon just opened up.

1-3 Thorns.

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Interesting, from her story, it looks like Adriana Leon is not going to Orlando. Anyone know why?

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