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Good for Lindsey. Good for Thorns and OL. Best of luck to her.

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Just sad to see her go.

She once gave Little Thornando great advice for aspiring 8s and 10s ("concentrate on your finishing and technical footwork."), and she was quick with a smile and a self-depricating joke (e.g., about her dark-dyed hair stage).

I've always admired her competitive fire and love for the game, as well as her ability to laugh and enjoy herself.

And then there was this:


It's time to turn the page, I know, but I'm gonna miss both of them when that moment comes.

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Can we use this sweet sweet transfer money on an elite CB? No offense to anyone on the team, but with Becky likely gone for the season , we have a need, and perhaps the funds to bring someone in.

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Legend. Among the best all-around players the league has seen and for Portland, her header game has never been replicated.

Best of luck TGH. A quarter million euros seems like a pittance, frankly, but there was no other outcome evidently.

ETA, what I'm talking about.


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Horan posted a nice thank you/farewell to Portland on her IG, and in the comments, Soph says "Portland and our turf understand. Love you." With a hand over mouth laugh emoji and a heart.

Lol. Totally makes sense that world class players with injury history wouldn't wanna play on turf regularly. Of course, this is absolutely not in the top 5, or even 10 reasons why she's staying in France, but it could be A reason! I know it's difficult, but I sure hope it's considered more seriously in the future, after Thorns get their own training facility and whatnot...

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I’m bummed that Horan is officially gone, but think this is the right move for her and the team. I wish her nothing but success going forward!

Now it’s time for the Thorns to lock up sim key players going forward. This is where KK needs to earn her salary.

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Congrats to Lindsey. Good luck at OL


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