I like the tiers because right now there are only two legit top teams. San Diego and KC have fallen and the Spirit, Gotham and the Dash still have a lot to prove. The bottom tier is what it is.

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Another angle of the Moultrie to Weaver goal.


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These are my eye-test tiers after watching most of the last few weeks. Wave, you are on fraud watch until further notice.

Tier 1: Portland, Seattle

Tier 2: Washington, KC

Tier 3: San Diego, Houston, Louisville, ACFC

Tier 4: Chicago, NCC, Orlando

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May 4, 2023·edited May 4, 2023

First of two games on the road up next (NC/HOU)...Maybe this is a bit early to predict, but I think the Courage look like they could run through our midfield and defense, as it currently looks. Yes, they played an unremarkable Gotham for CC, but they're fast, they are constantly moving, and their quick passing has been better than ours. And that was a lot of their reserves on on the pitch. Also read that Broon is out for the next few weeks with her foot injury. Really hope Norris has tweaked some stuff this week...all three lines of ours have some issues. Maybe I'm overly nervy because we have a terrible record in Cary, but I hope they can prove the record wrong!

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Absolute VAR disasterclass in Gotham-NCC if anyone's watching.

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I have ACFC up and ranking or two. They showed well against the Wave, stole a point here, and should have taken 3. Never been a big Ertz fan, but she makes them better. If they bring Amadine in, they get a whole lot more better.

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May 2, 2023·edited May 2, 2023


For how bad the Thorns looked, they still nearly tripled ACFC’s xG. Weird game.

Pass maps similar to the norm this season: A lot through Kling. Dunn and Sinc in nearly the same spot as false nines matches the eye test. Weaver the only real attacking threat with Hina’s forward runs limited.

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The parity in this league, week to week, is absurd.

Although Louisville are behind Houston on points, I would put them ahead of the Dash. Houston just haven't been dangerous offensively yet. Louisville keep finding ways to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory, but they really are close to being competitive. They might not make the playoffs this year, but that will be a function of league parity rather than Louisville quality.

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May 5, 2023·edited May 5, 2023

Yesterday's NWSL: No HR issues to see here!

Today's NWSL: You need to go now!

The latest? Chicago Red Stars fired GM Michelle Lomnicki.

Why? Meg Linehan explains here: https://theathletic.com/4492048/2023/05/05/craig-harrington-michelle-lomnicki-red-stars-nwsl/

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Week 5 scores- Can Pitch Perfect United pls reveal your secrets

Pitch Perfect United 586

PDX Fantastics 548

Dream Weaver 533

Skull Smashers 532

Thornando FC 516

Searchers 504

Tuscan Oilers 503

Danxp2 487

The Slab Serifs 466

Smith is the Face, Fishlock the heel 459

Sharpe's Bay United 437

Artemis FC 433

VARforall 330

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May 2, 2023·edited May 3, 2023

Hey look, Gianni Infantino is standing up for women's football! He's complaining that in a bunch of European countries, FIFA is not being offered enough lucre for the broadcast rights to the Women's World Cup. That's my courageous moral leader right there!

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Good tier-ing, Phuoc. Thanks for the weekly rankings. The one change I would make is to put Houston down a tier. They have only 6 points after 5 games, they just lost a game (albeit weather-shortened), the only team they've beaten is Chicago, and they haven't looked convincing yet this year.

Also it's odd that Gotham moved up after losing, but I get why it happened.

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