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A question about using substack: Is there a way to highlight new comments, ones that I haven't seen yet? New top-level comments will show up at the beginning (or end, depending on how they're sorted) so they're not a problem, but new replies to other people's comments will show up elsewhere and be hard to find without reading through every previous, existing comment. Reading through them all is fine for, say, 10 comments, but not for 100.

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Today in International Friendlies...

Australia knocked off England 2-0, with goals from Kerr and Grant. The Lionesses outshot the Matildas 14-5 but came up empty.

France are leading Canada 2-1 late. Huitema scored.

Brazil defeated Germany 1-2. NWSL newcomer Ary Borges scored.

Sweden and Norway drew 3-3.

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Apr 11, 2023·edited Apr 11, 2023

Is there a way to organize this a little better for those of us only looking for Thorns content? It's a bit of a deterrent when I come here now and it's hard to find the few Thorns things amongst all of the Timbers content....

I know this new website is a WIP for everyone (and thank you!), but also wanted to toss out that it would be nice to update the STF logo to be a little more Thorns-inclusive? It's only Timbers colors and still only has the axe logo. Please consider updating this to make visiting this site feel a little more equitable and inclusive for the Thorns/Thorns fans that come to this site...and again, thank you all for your work!!

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Apr 5, 2023·edited Apr 5, 2023

Thought I’d do a little research to see just how historic Smith’s start to her career has been in comparison to Sam Kerr, undisputed best NWSL striker ever….and yeah, she’s on track to be arguably the single best player this league has ever seen:

Minutes: SS- 3049, SK- 9963

Games: SS- 41, SK- 119

Goals: SS- 25, SK- 77

Assists: SS- 5, SK- 19

Goals/90: SS- 0.74, SK- 0.70

G+A/90: SS- 0.88, SK- 0.86

I don’t think Soph will stick around in NWSL long enough to get to the record, but she’s on pace to get there within 3 seasons. If she does stay in the league, it’s more than possible that she will become the most prolific NWSL goal scorer of all time *by the time she turns 25*. That’s insane!

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"Congrats on the attendance record." lmaoo dying

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I'd like more Thorns and less Timbers. Maybe a totally separate Thorns (and NWSL/WNT) room

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I was horrified to witness Mallory Swanson's gruesome injury on Saturday. I felt like the whole game was pretty rough, and I hope tomorrow's official will keep a tighter rein on the physicality. Swanson's tendon rupture almost certainly rules her out for the World Cup, which has got to be disappointing for all woso fans, but especially of course for her. (Recovery time for a torn patellar tendon is 4-6 months.) I'm wishing the very best for her, but counting on her for the WC doesn't seem realistic.

I'm guessing the front line will now include Lynn Williams up top along with Smith and Morgan, although we may see more of Trinity Rodman as well. Sophia will face both an opportunity and a challenge, and I look forward to seeing her rise to meet it. I just hope we get her back in good shape.

I don't want to close without mentioning how delighted I was to see Sinead Farrelly on the field again. She was a favorite of mine when she played here, and I really admire her courage in going public about Riley's abuse. I feared she wouldn't recover from his viciousness, so it's just wonderful to see her playing and smiling.

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475k watched Thorns defenestrate Current on broadcast CBS--a new regular season record. Maybe show even more matches there?


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Cook's moonshot: I issue a lot of criticism her way for defensive derps but Alana's shot/cross last night was just what the team needed. Lindsey did just enough to divert the keeper's attention that she didn't get proper contact on the ball. (Conversely, she JUST prevented Becky's goal on the set piece.)

Sans Pugh-Swanson, the US now has some attacking issues. Thompson is not the answer, so who?

Ertz looked far better than I expected and she pulled some really good minutes in the second half. Her communications are as impactful as her physical play.

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Has anyone figured out Substack Notes, or what "Restack" means or is? Do either of these offer any possibilities for us to more easily have the kind of conversation we're looking for?

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Folks know about the Golazo Network?

Free, 24-hour streaming via CBSSports.com, available on Paramount+, PlutoTV, and the CBSSports mobile app.


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Are people using different outlets for Thorns chatter? Pretty quiet on here

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Hey Phuoc, quick question. I noticed that Melina and you are, or at least have been, writing content over on Rose City Review too. Not to get all Inside Baseball here, but why not just do one venture where Melina and you, the other RCR contributors (Leo and Jaiden), and Sam, Wilder, and Alex from STF join forces?

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According to L'Equipe, Michele Kang is buying 52% of OL Feminin. Does this mean that the Spirit will be the new foster home of OL ringers?

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