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Gotham... not just extra time, almost 20 minutes of extra time, and only went ahead because of a PK on an Orlando handball, the more flagrant handball coming from Gotham immediately after on the same sequence.

Here are my Power Rankings

1. Portland (not as cohesive as PSWST, but more explosive)

2. Puget Sound WoSo Team (legit shield contender)

3. Washington (level with Portland, with tougher schedule so far)

4. San Diego (look like a semifinalist, at least)

5. Houston (darkhorse for semifinalist)

6. Racing (Jekyll and Hyde, can come back from down 2 or squander a 2 goal lead)

7. Chicago (better on field than on table)

8. Gotham (better on table than on field)

9. ACFC (world-class help on the way)

10. NC (better than they've shown)

11. Orlando (not good, but have managed to hang around in two of three matches)

12. KC (will stay this way until they get healthier - they're not close to competitive)

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That sure was a lot of stoppage time. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was.

I'm not sold on the Spirit, that backline is the biggest question mark. Offensively, they seem to be too straightforward. However, Mark just knows how to win.

I really like Houston a lot!

Racing going through growing pains, but they're so close!

Chicago & Gotham agreed!

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Montefusco had subbed on in the 90th minute, so it can't be that she was tired. Maybe she didn't want to slip on the wet grass or overcommit, but she looked to be jogging toward Williams rather than sprinting on Williams's goal. Even this clip doesn't do justice to how wide open Williams was, how slow Montefusco was to get back, and how Montefusco never accelerated.


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This was mine before the season started and I think KC will improve; gosh I didn't foresee LA getting both Mandi and Ertz, but I am not going to change anything, but I know some of my losers will improve like CRS and ACFC que sera.

1 PT

2 OL or whatever they will be called

3 SD

4 KC

5 HD

6 WS

7 Gotham

8. CRS

9 Lou


11 NC

12 ORL

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I see my top six being in the playoffs and Houston and Washington I think could knock off any of the top four. Right now I like Portland, Seattle, San Diego and Houston in the semifinals and the final being Seattle and Portland and boy that would be a toss up.

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A disclaimer: Last year I predicted the final four would be NC, WS, PT and OL. We know how that went. But since I was a meteorologist, well 50% I think is pretty good

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Hey, that's not bad!

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I have something very similar week 1.

Which teams do you like for playoffs?

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Someone remind Mandy what she wrote on her tummy.

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When the news came out about her coming back to NWSL, I was ecstatic. Now it's sunk in that she's not coming back to "Thorns Forever" :(

I think Sam can play anywhere in midfield so it would of worked out either way. Excited (assuming she does come back) Horan to combine with Coffey because it is going to be amazing.

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EXACTLY!!! Hey, Mandy, you think they sing "Build a Bonfire" down in LA?

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No song necessary--actual fire will be supplied.

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PSWST Took me a minute :)

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(Phil Hartman voice mode on....)

"Hi, I'm Puget Sound WoSo Team!

You might remember me from such franchise names as Seattle Reign FC, Reign FC, and OL Reign, and from such misfitting venues as Starfire Sports Complex (Tukwila), Memorial Stadium (Seattle), Cheney Stadium (Tacoma), and Lumen Field (Seattle).

I'll be looking for a new ownership group, new name, and maybe even a new home sometime soon!"

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Just watched the second half of the Reign-Wave game. Reign dominated the game, keeping the Wave pinned deep and usually recovering possession quickly when they lost it. The Wave were able to launch only a handful of long-ball attacks; with Morgan up top, this wasn't too bad a strategy, but Morgan dropped deeper and deeper because her team needed help. It should have ended 3-0 or something.

And all that was without Rose Lavelle. Reign will be a monster once she's back. I hope the Thorns, also a monster, can knock them off this year.

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For some reason Casey Stoney has them play really direct against the elite teams, it just doesn't make sense to me. Wonder if it's personnel?

Thorns just never seem to match up well against the Reign, they have one of the other midfields capable of keeping up and even being on the front foot.

Well hopefully they'll be on opposite sides of the draws ;)

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Jess Fishlock. Woman in the navy pijamas. Fucking worthy adversary.

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