Rapinoe will not hang on until she's 57, contrary to popular belief. Just announced she's hanging up the boots come the end of the 2023 NWSL season.

Let's make sure she goes out a loser.

F@$% Seattle!

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That was definitely the best match I've seen since late-June.

At this point, with the exception of the very strong likelihood that the Courgettes mop up with ACFCNFT, Week 15 might well be the Power Outage Rankings.

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Kornieck physics lesson goal.

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Raso to Real Madrid. If nothing else, far better weather than Manchester.

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KCFUBAR tried to do the same thing today against Loovull. Early PK goal by Cooper, followed by lots of bus-parking. Stats look almost identical to the match in Portland. Key difference: Loovull scored twice. Franch started, saw a ton of action, and did make 7 saves. However, this is yet another time when she's conceded multiple goals in a loss. Have to think it's going to be Miller between the posts from here on out.

Also... Pride (in the Name of Love) took down Puget Sound WoSo Team 1-0, and No Stars lead DoorDash 1-0 in the 80th.

The table looks MIGHTY interesting now.

If the No Stars hold on to win it looks like this....

1) Courgettes 26/14

2) Thorns 25/14

3) PSWST 24/15

4) DC Kang 23/14

5) Gotham's Dark Night 22/14

6) SD Champipple 20/14

7) Loovull 19/15

8) Pride (in the Name of Love) 19/15

9) DoorDash 18/15

10) No Stars 16/15

11) KCFUBAR 15/15

12) ACFCNFT 14/14

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Jul 9, 2023·edited Jul 9, 2023

Here comes Brooksie! Parsons missed his chance, though. She should have come in at 1-1. Bird bird bird, bird is the word...

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Shorts shift secures score.

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Pipe dream, but can we rescue Barbra Banda from China? Zambia just beat Germany 3-2 today.

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So many years later & I still probably have not yelled as loudly at a goal while watching at home as I did for Tyler Lussi's header

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1-1 Champipple v DC Kang, 46th minute. Cheyenne Shorts with the equalizer. Sure glad we let her go!

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Thumbs up to Orlando and Bridgeview for doing their part to upset the table last night.

Every time the Reign lose, an angel gets its wings and not the LA kind.

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Will either Dehakiz or Morrison be available on the bench ("finisher") Sunday? Odds of either appearing seem slender but so is the entire roster. How many tries did it take for the jersey-maker to spell Dehakiz correctly?

Neither Thorns nor Gotham appear on the league availability list.

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Reign lose at Orlando! Chaos abounds

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Don't have any major disagreement, but I would drop ACFCNFT down below Orlando.

Also, don't look now, but KCFUBAR are only 5 points off the final playoff spot.

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Cannot fathom why Hatch isn't on the Nats.

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More OT: That Germany v Zambia match has become a disaster for the former that goes beyond losing to the (clearly underrated) world #77 side: they lost LB Carolin Simon to an ACL tear.

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