Hey all, any interest in a USWNT snubs piece? Sam Coffey should not be on that piece, but will end up being on it unless Vlatko takes her as an alternate.

I do plan on covering the WWC for STF, but just wanted to see the interest if our team were to do so.

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Love that we’re pioneers of the NWSL’s first 2-5-3 formation. Mr. Norris, you sir, are an innovator!

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Jun 21, 2023·edited Jun 21, 2023

Chief's Red Stars postmortem over at Riveting is up now. It's a painful read about Bixby.

Re: Bixby, the mistakes she made that resulted in the PK were *exactly* the things Angerer had the other keepers working on - over and over again - during the recent Open Training. However, Bella didn't take any reps doing those things. Instead, she sat on a ball and watched her understudies while they did those things.

By "those things," I mean coming out hard to challenge an attacker and take away or punch away a bounding ball before the attacker can get on the end of it.

So.... what to make of that?

Perhaps even more concerning, though, is how distraught she was about her mistakes... despite the fact that at the time Thorns sat on a 2-goal lead AND she still had opportunity to stop a PK (which she did not).

I mean, yeah, she messed up, but no more than Sarah Bouhaddi would do multiple times a match while playing for PSWST! The difference is that Bouhaddi never looked like her own mistakes rattled her.

By comparison, when I watched Bella's understudies during the Open Training, they had to face 3-4 shots in a row in quick succession, shaking off immediately any negative thoughts or disappointment they might have had from letting 1 get past them so that it didn't become 2, 3, 4 in a row. They also continued to battle whenever they *did* make mistakes, diving backward to swat away misplayed balls before they could cross the line. This was in a midweek *Open Training.*

Mental toughness is a tricky thing. For whatever reason, Bella's has been shaken.

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Reading these rankings and the resulting comments makes me very concerned for the NWSL. Expansion is a good thing but what's happened is that the true talents (mostly USWNT players) are getting spread thinner and thinner without the big infusion of foreign talent we thought might be coming. If more of the US players decide to follow the money overseas it will get even worse. The NWSL is at a crossroads. If they have the ambitions they say they do then some changes need to be made. First, raise or eliminate the salary cap. Absent that, a designated player rule needs to be implemented. The overall talent level needs to raise not be just moved around.

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- DeMelo gets Hatch’s spot (cool!)

- KoH over Krueger (lame)

- Mewis over Kornieck (I don’t care)

- Ho boy that defense might have some rough moments.

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Menges' heat/distribution maps for her game against Chicago. She missed 7 passes out of 83 (91.6% passing accuracy).


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Love a good longform and this one on Soph is excellent

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STF Fantasy Standings Week 12!

1. Pitch Perfect United- 1316

2. Dream Weaver- 1222

3. Skull Smashers- 1187

4. Searchers- 1169

5. Tuscan Oilers- 1164

6. PDX Fantastics- 1134

7. Danxp2- 1116

8. Sharpe's Bay United- 1095

9. The Slab Serifs 1068

10. Smith is the Face, Fishlock the heel- 1067

11. Thornando FC- 1026

12. Artemis FC- 969

13. VARforall- 911

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Jun 21, 2023·edited Jun 21, 2023

Know who's tired of being at the bottom of the Power Rankings? KC's fans and soccer media.

I've been perusing their media over the last several weeks, and... HOOOOOOOOOBOY!

They too are questioning roster construction, noticing that the defenders are snapping at each other during games, and questioning whether it's time to fire the interim HC.

But ideas for how to right the ship? It's everything from make a major midseason trade or international signing to shore up the defense to try to lure Vlatko back if the Nats flame out in the WWC.

One more problem to add to KC's woes: Glas isn't healthy enough to play for Sweden in the WWC. If she's not healthy enough for that, then you have to wonder when she will play for KC.

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Seems pretty good!

NWSL xG + xA Leaders After Round 12

9.67 - Smith (POR)

7.64 - Weaver (POR)

7.44 - Hatch (WSH)

7.42 - DeMelo (LOU)

6.56 - Adriana (ORL)

6.26 - Rodman (WSH)

6.17 - Kizer (KC)

5.83 - Kerolin (NC)

5.80 - Williams (GFC)

5.79 - Emslie (AC)

5.66 - Sugita (POR)

5.56 - Morgan (SD)

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I would swap Louisville and Dash. Louisville has been looking pretty good while Houston is underperforming the forward talent on that roster. I would also swap ACFC and Orlando. Orlando is still very much a 'who knows' vibe, but consistently getting better, whereas the ACFC win feels like a new coach bump situation fueled by defender goals that isn't sustainable.

NCC and Gotham are a toss-up for me. NCC on better form, but it's entirely powered by Kerolin. Gotham's early form was 100% Lynn Williams powered. And both teams are going to be losing a number of important players for the WC.

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Looks good. I'd rank the Courage above Gotham at this point. They're on fire, with Kerolin the kerosene that's making them burn so hot.

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No information on what the "agreed-upon fee" comes to: https://www.timbers.com/thornsfc/news/thorns-fc-transfer-midfielder-lindsey-horan-to-olympique-lyonnais

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There it is!

(Will we ever know the transfer fee? Who knows!)

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Ah yes, I remember being told that Sam Coffey can’t play as the traditional 6 for the USWNT because her defensive skills aren’t up to par!

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Jun 20, 2023·edited Jun 20, 2023

I'm seeing teams lock down big players on their teams before the WC and I'm just side-eying our roster and :/....SO many contracts up after this season. Of course, some of them I'd like to not pick up again...but we have possible retirements, and if we're shaving off some deep-benchers or replacing any starters (like Kuikka or Dunn, for example), we have a whole lot of roster to build back up. Dunn will be a free agent, and there's the whole Pierre issue....Soph's contract is only through next season- 2024.

Status: (* = often starter)

*Broon: re-signed for 2023

*Sinc: Option exercised for 2023

*Moultrie: signed through 2023

*Kuikka: re-signed for 2023

Vasconcelos: re-signed through 2023 with 1 year option

*Dunn: signed for 2023

*Kling: signed through 2023 with 1 year option

Kozal: signed through 2023 with 1 year option

McGrady: signed through 2023 with 1 year option

Provenzano: contract option exercised for 2023

Beckman: contract option exercised for 2023

Porter: contract option exercised for 2023

Data comes from the Keeper Notes spreadsheet, which is usually well kept and reliable: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C-J_G5JRJxBbAaU0UtHOkmb4kt4QgJBY3aWfJ60n4Vo/edit#gid=548937126

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