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I'd still put the Thorns above Reign. Beating them by two goals in their house a week ago still carries ranking weight this week, even if we did just play a stinker of a game.

Also I'd put the Spirit above Gotham, based on not much more than whim and not really believing in Gotham. Okay, maybe also some favoritism toward MarPar.

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Sounds like she'll end up at Arsenal, but good to see a non-ACFC NWSL club linked.

(But again....gonna keep putting the alarm out there that the longer this sale drags out, the longer the Thorns stay static while the rest of the league grows. And it's happening quickly!)

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Re: coaches available currently or in the near future…

Carmelita Moscato is in Portland currently, according to her social media. If anyone is unaware, she just stepped down from Tigres two weeks ago. She’s hangin out with KK and her family. I’m not sure why she left Tigres (seems like it was her own decision), but I always considered her a possibility here considering her very close relationship with KK (and prob Sinc.) Actually thought she could get the job prior to Rhian being announced, although I think she’s a pretty green head coach also…would still love a bit more high profile hire, though that hasn’t been Thorns history.

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Wave sign Girma through 2026- Probs a bit of “hands off” to Bay City (god that name still sucks so hard), even though I’m sure they would have done it regardless.

This also brings up the Soph-sized elephant in the room: She’s only got one year left on her deal and the Thorns better be pulling every lever possible to ensure she signs a new deal. Losing her at all would be a disaster, losing her for nothing would be an absolutely epic crisis.

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Friends, our message has finally gone mainstream!

(Someone print that map out and bring it to the next presser pls)

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Freya gone and AC wins first match played without her.

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Once again, there are no good teams in the NWSL.

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Bad news: The Athletic is reporting that Sauerbrunn will miss the World Cup because of her foot injury. It must be worse than it appeared.

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Well.....this is.....very bad! Must have aggravated it in Seattle, and *really* hope that wasn't negligent from the medical staff.

Sounds like Demelo is in (good job Vlatko), as is KoH and Kingsbury.

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Freya is out. Not really surprised about it.


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"In (the NWSL), whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers."

-- apologies to Neville Chamberlain

1. San Diego

2. Washington

3. OL Reign

4. Gotham

5. Portland

6. NC

7. Houston

8. Louisville

9. Orlando

10. KC


12. Chicago

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