Nice to see the Thorns back on top. Really happy to hear that Menges is feeling like herself again, that bodes well for the Thorns defense going forward!

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In case it hasn't been mentioned.

"32 - @ThornsFC's Sophia Smith has recorded 32 carries ending with a shot this season, twice as many as any other @NWSL player in 2023. Creating."


Let's see, total shots 158, shots on target 80, goals scored 25. Checks out.

After careful consideration you do, in fact, want Sophia Smith on your team.

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I’m in 116 at the open training, looking like this, if you want to say hi!


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1. Portland Thorns - thanks for finally showing up for real!

2. San Diego Wave - this feels too high, but they're playing as Stoney wants right now

3. NJ/NY Gotham FC - this feels about right

4. OL Reign - at the moment, but probably #1 or #2 at full strength

5. Washington Spirit - this feels too low, but someone's gotta be here

6. Houston Dash - the anti-Louisville; not as good as Racing but accumulating points

7. North Carolina Courage - didn't get it done in KC

8. Racing Louisville - the anti-Houston; they're better than this, but they keep finding ways to draw

9. Orlando Pride - but could sink back to bottom

10. Chicago Red Stars - Naeher is greater than whatever improvement KC showed

11. Kansas City Current - obviously the greatest disappointment of all

12. Angel City FC - next-biggest disappointment

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Anyone going to the open training tomorrow?

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I do not like that I don’t even think of the Thorns when I read these rumors anymore :(

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I get a horrible hurricane wind noise in the audio of the AC-Ch on P+. Anybody else?

Tested audio on other streams and it's fine.

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OT: New Equalizer pod focused on the teams on the bottom half of the table. I think they should have given KCFUBAR more specific stick than they did, but basically they've failed in the same ways ACFCNFT has: great at branding and buzz, not at roster building, lots of injuries, not a clear identity and vision of how they want to play. For some reason, I continue to think KCFUBAR is getting a pass relative to the other bottom-feeders.

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Jun 9, 2023·edited Jun 9, 2023

Okay, what's the US's starting lineup in critical games? My guess:


Fox - Girma - Sauerbrunn - Dunn

Horan - Ertz - Lavelle

Rodman - Morgan- Smith

If Lavelle stays injured, God forbid, then Sanchez takes her place. Cook might replace Brunn if height is needed.

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In case any player was pondering "Do I REALLY want to spend summer (i.e. winter) in Australia?" here's your answer:

Individual player earnings.

Group stage: $30,000

Round of 16: $60,000

Quarter-final: $90,000

4th place: $165,000

🥉: $180,000

🥈: $195,000

🥇: $270,000

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Side question- someone from the Thorns community was asking on twitter if any Man City fans would be watching the UCL final on Saturday anywhere locally in Portland. Anyone know if there's a local City supporters group? Or know a good spot to go watch the game with other City supporters? I'm guessing Gol, but maybe y'all have better info...!

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Les Bleues drop their roster:


And who is missing from it:


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Gotham - Pride match rescheduled for 'Night of the Comet' like air quality. Orlando will not have any midweek planned rotation and rundown legs to deal with other than the travelling.

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Caitlyn Murray predicts USWNT roster:

GK: Naeher, Murphy, Franch

D; Sauerbruun, Girma, Cook, Sonnett, Fox, Dunn, O'Hara

M: Lavelle, Ertz, Horan, Sullivan, Sanchez, KMewis

F: Smith, Williams, Rodman, Rapinoe, Thompson, Morgan, Hatch

Hard to argue with.. Dunn and Sonnett offer some positional flexibility.

I don't think Franch is in form, but if you don't go with her, then who do you bring in? Campbell? Kingsbury?

The odd person out would seem to Huerta. Anybody else I'm missing?

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OK, so we're all in agreement that ACFCNFT should be better than they are. There's sufficient quality there, and will be more so when Henry arrives and Press returns.


Even with the injuries, which have been many, this team is *not* good.

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