Jul 30, 2023·edited Jul 30, 2023

Whew, NC has scored 11-0 in their last two games (and game isn’t over yet.) This group’s passing and spacing looks really good, and they are consistent, no matter the player or opponent. Let’s hope our Thorns continue to level up the next two games because that Aug 20th game vs NCC is coming quickly and they look better than we do (despite our solid win last week.)

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Road win would be nice, Cup or no Cup. May the Betfort Show continue.

Oof Matildas. They had so many first half opportunities and nuttin'. Can Sam Kerr bail them out or is their tournament nearly over?

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Jul 29, 2023·edited Jul 29, 2023

Thorns can no longer win the group after one of the weakest PK calls ever gave OL Reign the result over SD Wave.

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