That sound you hear? It's me, happily and delightedly eating every single one of my pre-match words. I don't even have any serious analysis at this point - I'm just in awe that THAT is what I just saw.

Keep it up, Timbers. That was fun.

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I've always offered to all my friends to come to a Timbers game and enjoy the full North End experience. Well, a bunch of them called me on it, for THIS game. Bit of a headache staking out seven seats in 107, and tempering my companions' expectations based on the season so far, but still, they'd get to see a tifo, hear a lot of "F*** Seattle", and maybe witness a semi-competitive first half. I never promised them Tetris, or bicycle kicks, or goals going in while "Goals, Goals, Goals" was still being sung. Thanks, Timbers. If the whole rest of the season is shit, at least we had that.

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It's funny if you watch Dairon on Fogaça's goal. He knew it was a goal before the striker was even in the box.

Huge kudos to Moreno and Fogaça tonight, and Ivačič too. It was amazing to see the Timbers just feeding off the energy the crowd was generating, and on the last three Timbers goals, it's quite remarkable how the Sounders defense just gave up, especially the last two goals.

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Ayala was very good. Moreno was great once he moved towards the middle. Couldn’t give this game my full attention but I did my best. Nathan had a hell of a goal, that was amazing. Not really sure what else to say right now, I’m just in a great mood. Now is not the time for rational thinking, it’s all good vibes

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Want some icing on that cake? Post-game interview with Coach Schmetzer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ6BB62J2PY

My smile kept getting bigger and bigger! This win is a gift that keeps on giving!

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My fam and I are big Thorns fans. Last night my daughter and I went to our first real Timbers game. What an experience. My daughter is a huge soccer fan. Loves EPL, LaLiga, champions League. Timbers earned a rabid fan last night. That bike was amazing!!

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Hot take that's been simmering on my mind for most of the season: Mosquera is our best field player.

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What a difference having some mostly regulars back in the lineup made. While Portland wasn't tearing up the pitch and may have been fortunate not to be down 2 or 3 when Asprilla exploded, they did hang in against the hottest team in the league. After Nathan bullied past Ragen in fairly humiliating style for the big Fishy CB, you could see the surrender in Seattle's eyes. It was beautiful.

Nearly 20 hours later I'm still smiling -- something that has been hard to do since the season started.

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Best first half I had seen the Timbers play this year. Was a bit worried in the second. Knew 60 minutes would be the problem time because of fitness of key players. Loved the game plan until then. Had really frustrated the sounders. Finally having healthy players on the bench to bring in. Who knew it could be such a difference maker.

I do find it interesting how fragile a team Seattle is now. Has been going on the last few years. During Sigi time you felt they would always find a goal. They just had so much fire and fight. Now? They get punched in the face and they wilt. They are a great front running team but don’t deal with adversity nearly as well as they used too plus they whine a lot. Are great at one thing but have no plan B. Go to the end line and pull back to the penalty spot. Over and over and over.

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Played a really good first half and I have to admit I was a little down when we got scored on. Then ...

BAAMM! Equalizer on a ridiculous goal. Dairon had a much better outing even without this whip cream on top.

BAMMMMM really nice run by Nathan, you could see the Flounders shoulders drop.

BLAMMMMOOOOO Dagger poached goal by Niezgoda.

Nothing but EXCLAMATION POINTS by Mosquera.

Played like a team with fire nearly the entire game. Pleased that it resulted in goals being scored AND nothing in the world feels better than gutting fish.

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so sweet! seattle go home with your tail between your legs. western conference leader whatever. doesn't mean anything your pretty play. Timbers ate your lunch. goals goals goals. what a game

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Apr 16, 2023·edited Apr 16, 2023

We were outplayed and lost for 70 minutes of the game but that asprilla goal finally gave this team life. It's like a confidence boost that asprilla injected into all of his teammates. Let's hope this does something to wake this team up going forward.

Asprilla had a great goal but shout out to Nathan. Guy came on and got a goal and was a big part of creating the goal for nieazgoda.

Ayala had a good game for coming back off injury. His positional awareness could use some work but that could just be getting back to game speed after so long out.

Bravo and masquera had a great game. That bravo block in the box to keep Morris off the score sheet. That could honestly be a game saving stop. Seattle goes up 2-0 and we could have been done.

Everyone has said we need a new cb but t2 has a young cb that is being scouted by liga mx teams and some teams in Europe. He could be a good option to bring into Timbers next year on a homegrown contract. Save money and move on from mabiala.

Was a good final 20 minutes. Let's see if it translates to next week when we are going to be playing away from home to Cincinnati.

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Winning solves a lot. Feels great. We’ll talk about the bad stuff next week. For now, let’s bask in the glory.

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I was trying to think about why the Sounders didn't look "Sounders-like" to me last night. Having seen something like 50+ Timbers/Sounders games over the last 23 years (here and in S**ttle), the Sounders do have a style of play that is frustrating, and they didn't seem to be playing that way last night.

One thing that came to mind today is the Sounders are notorious for fouling. They do it a lot. They stop promising situations with it. They stop momentum with it. Yes we do it too at times, especially Diego Chara, but it's always been a part of Sounders strategy.

Last night they didn't did do it and I'm not sure why. Here are the number of Sounders fouls for Timbers games going back to 2020:

2023: 6

2022: 15

2022: 12

2021: 13

2021: 14

2020: 10

2020: 17

It may just be me but the Sounders just don't feel like the Sounders last night and I think that's a big part of it.

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Apr 16, 2023·edited Apr 16, 2023

Taylor Twellman had a story and he stuck with it, but it wasn't true. Player for player, Portland finally had talent on the field that could match Seattle. We haven't jelled yet for obvious reasons, so they look like a better executing team. Sure. But you could tell that Bravo, Mosquera, Ayala, and Moreno all have serious game, alongside our veterans. Especially great game from Ayala, considering the load thrown on him.

Monster goal from Fogaça. The most impressive part for me was how he just took the contact headed into the box and didn't get jostled off the ball. And Mosquera's goal was one of like three powerful strikes he took that game that could have gotten in.

My one worry is Evander. So, first of all, has anyone ever seen the dude visibly happy? Smiling? He just seems pensive or moody all the time. Would love to see a little joy. Second, I'm worried that MLS is too fast and physical for him. He's got skills, clearly, but he almost seems like a player who needs more structure and order in the offense than MLS is likely to give him. I'm guessing the Danish league is like synchronized swimming, but MLS is more like monster trucks. We need someone who thrives on chaos...can he? We'll see, and of course it's too soon to tell, but he needs a little more intensity out there and also a little more speed and physicality. Though his corner and set piece kicks are great to see.

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I'm late to the party, but I have to add to this: Ayala had an absurdly outstanding game offensively. I'm actually not sure how to write this because he did a lot of things the Timbers have been lacking this year and it all looked pretty damn amazing.

Thanks JJ Timber for putting together that video so I could organize my thoughts better.

Downside - he had only a decent game defensively. He had a couple blunders early that led to really tough positions for the rest of the defense. You know, the little mistakes that turn into big problems - a couple lunges at the ball that let the Sounders go screaming past him and requiring excellence from other positions.

Upside - FAST first step. He is a lot faster than I thought. He had a couple plays that made Seattle look freaking slow.

Upside - Big Switches - Multiple times he got the ball in relatively cramped quarters and flung it wide to Mosquera - who obviously was happy because he's been getting open into space and been unreachable earlier. He had a couple nice ones to Asprilla, too.

Upside - Vision - His awareness of where the defense is open was really, really good. Some gentle taps, some bigger swings, he found people open. His long ball to Moreno from the middle of the pitch to where Moreno had a clumsy touch in front of the left side of Seattle's goal was beautiful. You know, he had some of the passes that we get excited about from Williamson.

Upside - Available target for fullbacks in our own third - he got available to our fullbacks in our own half, giving them a legit target. One reason we had possession for a reasonable amount against Seattle? Ayala was available to our back 4 and we didn't have to launch it upfield with a prayer. He mostly helped out on the left side, but he had a connection with Mosquera that was nice to see.

Evaluation - I thought he stood out and was the best player on the pitch for much of the game. He settled the team down and let us get into an offense. I was super-impressed and hope that he is able to maintain this leve.

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