Melina, I'm sorry you had to write a recap of this match. Thank you for your service.

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Soph is the best player in the league and I hope she’s here for many more years, but Sam is gonna be the captain and face of this franchise for a decade+ if she wants it. A true delight of a human and a damn good soccer player.

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I'm choosing to delude myself into believing that Karina is *this close* to signing Kati Diani to be our next RW, to go alongside Smith and Weaver.


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If there's a silver lining is that this lineup got a game in that didn't matter in the league. They looked and played like a pickup team most of the evening. More practice will help as will more game time. Weaver would have really helped had she really been available. God love Olivia Moultrie but as good as she is she's not yet ready to carry the team. She needs help.

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According to Ryan's Oregonian article, this is the "first of what is expected to be multiple NTRP's."

Let's see 'em! I hope they are 3 more actual competent forwards and a competent 8 so Sam doesn't have to play two positions while Porter is on the field.

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There is an extremely addicting new chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fbcharts/ogkjijheeoanpdacakgofneeagpakbnb?hl=en-GB) that lets you use Fbref to create percentile radar charts in comparison to the top 8 woso leagues in the world....and everyone should do this.

- Hina is in the 99th percentile for pass completion.

- Crystal Dunn is insane: https://fbref.com/en/players/a20c6459/Crystal-Dunn

- Soph is a freak: https://fbref.com/en/players/a4568174/Sophia-Smith

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Totally OT, but here's what I want:

A midseason All-Star game (I don't care how the sides are chosen), with a ROBUST skills competition and a REVIVAL of the best part of the NASL and early MLS -- the shootout! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRITqS6WEn0

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Lets hope the team plays a lot better this weekend. Assuming we get back and start Weaver, Menges and Kuikka should really help, as should the fact that a lot of the players got playing time. Hopefully there is some Coaching going on right now, and players are feeling more comfortable being back on the field.

Coach Norris has a tight line to toe right now, as he shouldn't focus on the poor play last night while at the same time using the tape to point out the simple mistakes that were made. I don't know what to make of the forwards at this point, they simply were invisible for most of the game.

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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023

I think this is our Kayla Morrison:


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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023

I have no idea about the NWSL salary cap rules, minimum salaries, types of contracts, etc.

That said, in a hard-capped league with several really good to world-class players who could play elsewhere, you're going to have to pay them, and play them, more to keep them here and happy.

So, that also means you've gotta have people who will sign for the minimum or close to it, who either won't or can't command regular playing time, etc.

Mind you, I'm not thrilled with this way of doing things. We saw last night just how dangerous it is to be this thin on depth of quality and preparation to play.

But, I do think that's at least *part* of what's going on here.

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Former blog Thorns target Deanne Rose was released by Reading today, as they prepare for the second tier in England. Maybe KK can pull out her Canadian rolodex for that one...

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Looked recently at how (regular season) Thorns dominate the league's best list?


Too bad about the yellow card tally, but there's time yet for that too.

Well buckaroos, proud that our humble work-for-nickels boys are doing same with the USL.


No point here beyond enjoy what you've got while you've got it.


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That was hard to watch, but not altogether shocking that it happened. I saw some good stuff out there, but just not enough of it against a Reign team that played HARD. That team plays with an edge and in matches like this one, it makes a difference. Think it’s a Harvey thing. Can’t lie, I’d love to see how her approach would play with our roster. Hope they can just let it go and move on to Saturday.

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Even I found myself not caring by the end of this, so whatever....but:

- Pretty worrying how poor Izzy has looked. Hard to tell how much of this is Norris playing her out of position to fit Betfort in at striker (????), but she’s looked totally out of sync. Hopefully improves with more time. I think it’s fair to note that her profile is a player who needs service. If she’s being relied on to provide the service, her skillset is wasted.

- Hogan looks marginally better than Bella, but certainly not as confident as I’d have hoped. I don’t blame her at all for the goal -- Kling, what the actual hell-- but she came off her line a few times and caused the wrong kind of problems. Cmon Nadine!

- Sanderson mentioned this on the broadcast but Porter was so bad that Sam had to drop into her old six role over and over again despite playing as an 8.

- The weird McGrady/Kuikka positional flip was pointlessly stupid? Why, Mike?

- I don’t blame him for the wing depth issue, however. Should’ve been addressed and wasn’t, and now we see Reyna Reyes, a left back, playing RW when we need a goal.

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(moving from the other thread...)

Oh good! We lost our midfield and forwards so we signed ONE defender NTRP? ----> Kayla Morrison from the Melbourne Victory (in the A-league) Anyone know the name? *facepalm*

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