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Wilder, I am glad you finally had a good Thorns performance to recap. Thank you for your service!

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Over in the kitty-corner part of the world, it looks like Ary Borges has arrived. I don't know if Brazil can defend, but they sure have a lot of goal-scorers. Fun on a bun!

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Credit where it's due: the team looked a ton better than the previous matches and that has to be mostly a result of good coaching. We may not have been well-prepared for the interregnum, but Norris and team have turned it around. If they keep this up, and if the soccer gods shine kindly on our DownUnders, we could have a good runout.

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Jul 24, 2023·edited Jul 24, 2023

Meanwhile, KC is just stockpiling int'l talent...salary cap (and roster limit?) be damned.

Brazilian starting CB Lauren is heading to KC after the World Cup. This is after also recently announcing Stine Ballisager, a Danish int'l starting CB, also at the WC. Wonder if they'll drop the two rookies who they've been relying on to play CB up to this point...

KC traded $100,000 & a 2024 international slot in exchange to the North Carolina Courage for its exclusive rights for the player. Wondering why we don't barter away the ones we never use, if wwe aren't gonna use them...for the last several years we've had 3 open int'l slots that we've just sat on. Currently, we have 3 open int'l slots...

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Super excited for Japan vs. Spain. Comfortably the two best technical teams in tournament for my money: Both play variations of tiki taka, but Japan’s version is very fast and vertical while Spain’s is much slower and more methodical.

Japan looks awesome. Wouldn’t be surprised if Fujino is the breakout star of the tournament.

(Also feeling vindicated for failing to understand why Japan’s odds were nearly twice as long as Norway’s. Was wrong at the time and looks even worse now!)

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Meanwhile Courage absolutely destroying Spirit 6-0.

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