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Took a friend who’d never watched women’s soccer and they were blown away. The wild energy of the game and crowd won another convert!

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Hina's winning the ball from Bailey and looping it to Soph for goal #3, all without it hitting the turf, just put that in permaloop. Sheesh.

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Great crowd tonight. 20,254. Highest attendance since before COVID, I think.

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Gonna put soph to one side because...holy shit. holy fucking shit.

- once we accepted this was a transition game we were much better. second half was a lot more control than the first, even if Washington had moments. also putting Moultrie on added legs

- man, Kuikka is in a funk. Sitting Kling was the coach's decision, but Kuikka should be nice

- Hogan didn't actually have much to do, but she took care of what she needed to and crucially didn't fuck up

- Samantha Coffey is the best #6 in this league and it's a joke andi sullivan is going to the world cup instead. Thanks Vlatko!

- At a certain point you just have to guffaw at Hina, Crystal and Soph keeping the ball from opponents. Hina, btw, what a shift she put in.

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Gotham Thorns: Abby Smith, Michelle Betos, Midge Purce, Iffy Onumonu, Yazmeen Ryan, Allie Long, McCall Zerboni, Sinead Farrelly, Mana Shim.

You're welcome, Gotham.

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Thanks for the little Weaver update post-game. Now is Morgan's time to shine while Sophie is at the WWC. Excited to see Coffey and her hook up a lot more n the coming games!!!

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Don't think I'm alone believing 2023 is the year Morgan Weaver has become the Morgan Weaver we always imagined was contained in the Joyous Frisky Goal-Scoring Colt from Pullman.

WWC break we may see Peak Morgan taking charge, to which I can only say Yes, please! There's an Olympics coming I'd like to see her participate in.

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Somebody needs to make a Rodman tumbling GIF, and another one of her laying face down on the turf and kicking her leg when she didn't draw a foul. She's Dennis's daughter for sure!

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Probably the single best back and forth match I’ve seen in my 11 years of going to Thorns games. PDX is awesome.

- Soph is a simply transcendent athlete. Outrageously talented, naturally skilled, maniacally competitive....she’s got it all and we’re lucky to have her (and even Fishlock agrees!)

- Hina was absurd. Maintained her technical ability while working her ass off defensively. Any other game she’s the clear WOTM.

- Dunn had a rough opening 20, but was spectacular after that. Covered a ton of ground.

- Sam was awesome, per usual. Encourage everyone to go watch Soph’s comments on what she told Sam after she didn’t make the roster about her being the future of the USWNT post match.

- Rough from Natu, but she improved as the game went on. Really bad leaving Sanchez open back post on the first goal, but had a few really nice 1v1 moments in the second half. Thought Reyes was good.

- Horrible, panicked, scattershot individual defending, especially on those Staab long throws. I actually thought the shape and 1v1 was mostly alright with a few exceptions, but awful clearances (Sinc, wtf) really doomed them.

- Hubly and Menges..... really rough. Get back soon pls Becky.

- The Thorns’ shape is much better against teams that want the ball. Allowing the opposition to have possession drops them back into a more secure shell that also gives Soph and Weaver a ton of space in behind. Second straight game against a top of the table opponent where we’ve seen it...they just have to cut the naivety out of games against lesser opposition.

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Yeah, take all the money you got from Horan, put it in a truck, and deliver it to Soph's apartment.

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I’m pretty sure Morgan first hurt her right hip on the really hard defensive hip check by her in the box. She was holding her hip right and talked to the bench after. She played a bunch after that incident, but that was the origin I think.

Hina might have been the best 2nd best player on the field in history. She was a magician and a terror tonight, sometimes simultaneously.

Thorns played with energy, positivity, and hustle. Rodman looked frustrated much of the 2nd half. She was directly in front of us for much of it.

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Same kinda shit she pulled on Weaver, btw. Dirty as helll

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Such a pleasure to watch. Life works in mysterious ways. We might have the worst team in MLS, but we have one of the best teams in the world in the Thorns.

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Jun 26, 2023·edited Jun 26, 2023

Abuse of Power Rankings

(1) Thorns

(2) NC Courgettes


(4) DC Kang

(5) Wave Goodbye

(5) Gotham's Dark Night

(7) Houston You Have Problems

(8) Loovull

(9) Pride (In the Name of Love)



(12) No Stars

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A few leftover points on watching the highlights:

- Soph’s second is absolutely *nailed* into the bottom corner. Might be one of her best technique-wise.

- Sanderson has done color commentary on two Thorns games this year; Soph has scored hat tricks in both.

- The 2020 MarPar draft duo coming back to haunt him!

- Sinc’s clearance on the Sanchez goal was terrible enough, but not stepping to the ball and giving her the space to get the shot off was really bad. Thought she was decent otherwise, but that was really poor.

- Dunn yelling “we have to be smarter” in the huddle after the second Smith goal. Lol

- Absolute dime from Sam on the Weaver goal, after winning the initial header herself!

- This is both very sweet and very true:


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Phuoc posted this elsewhere in this thread, but there is truly no better dynamic than that between Sinc and Soph. Also great to hear both of them absolutely rave about Sam and I love the idea of 22 year old Smith giving Coffey a pep talk after she missed out.

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