I don't think we can take for granted anymore that Puget Sound WoSo Team is going to have challenges with scoring.

They might not score a lot from the 9 -- or they might -- but any one of the following players can put the biscuit in the basket, in the run of play and/or off a set piece: Lavelle, Rapinoe, Balcer, Huerta, King, Fishlock, van der Jagt, Huitema, Sonnett, Bennett.

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Our availability report for tomm:

OUT: Janine Beckie (SEI - knee), Tegan McGrady (thigh), Michele Vasconcelos (lower leg) QUESTIONABLE: Natalia Kuikka (illness)

Lighting a candle for Natu, really hoping she's ok to play. We are so light for experience at fullback, and outside of our two usual starters the dropoff is pretty large for both sides. Would love to keep the rookies and players playing out of position to the CC!

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Just got to the barn. (First row 203, if you’re feeling sociable…) and the kiddos are in the north end 18 playing munchkin soccer. Made me nostalgic.

I think this season we need a Retro Night. Four buck Widmers. Mascot vs Munchkin soccer at halftime. Foam piggybanks and cheap plastic crap hats. Thorns in the Nike rec-league red-shirt-with-the-white-stripe. Invite CPC to be honorary manager for the evening.

Who’s up for some Stone Age NWSL..?

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Neat website they’re doing over there

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I expect Howell to be much better this year, but with her being a long-term friend of Smith, I expect to see an amped up version of Soph. I agree with Michael Shaw, Erceg and Pickett were a great get for Louisville even if Emily Fox is a hell of a young player. Short term that trade looks good for Racing.

I think Kanu and Dunn are the players to watch. Dunn had a lot of rest so she could come in like a cloud burst. Weaver is due as well.

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I’ll be looking for the Thorns to get back on the front foot Norris talked about a couple matches back. Another slow, lethargic outing will play right into Racings’ hands. They’ve got a pretty good back four. Don’t think they’ll put many on the boat, but neither will the Thorns. Prediction: ends in a draw that feels like a loss.

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