May 5, 2023·edited May 5, 2023

I'd like to see at least 7 points from these next three road games- All teams the Thorns should beat on paper.

I do think NCC has actually looked pretty good this year so far relative to expectation- Miura has been a nice add, Lussi has been shockingly effective, and Kerolin scares the hell out off me. Play your best team and let's get out of Cary with the W.

I do think (and hope/pray!) we see Hina or Leon on the right and Sinc back in midfield with Soph starting again. No reason to shunt the best striker in the league out wide to replicate the awful Sinc-up-top experiment from last weekend.

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Circle June 23 on your calendars.... Spirit visit Portland, Parsons's return.

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Highly recommend people watch some Trinity Rodman this year- She’s been flat out awesome in pretty much all facets. Exciting stuff for the Spirit and the Nats

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Even with Riley {spit} a distant memory I still consider NCC the league's Dark Side (no Luke, don't do it) and given the club's historical difficulties with the Courage, I would like Thorns to open a can of whoop-ass on them.

Let's call it 1-3 Portland with at least one Soph goal, and a happy red-eye home Saturday night.

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Enemy of My Enemy Match #1: WAS v SD. 27th minute, scoreless, SD doesn't have a single shot. Wow.

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NWSL Best XI for Smarch (aka March/April)

Goalkeeper: Phallon Tullis-Joyce (RGN)

Defense: Naomi Girma (SD), Emily Fox (NC), Becky Sauerbrunn (POR), Sam Staab (WAS)

Midfield: Debinha (KC), Crystal Dunn (POR), Jess Fishlock (RGN)

Forward: Bethany Balcer (RGN), Sophia Smith (POR), Lynn Williams (NJNY)

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Parsons really has the diamond working well in this match with a very young (and some, inexperienced) group. They are just smothering SD, who haven’t really gotten out of their own half for 25 mins. The passing throughout the midfield from the Spirit- can we have that please?! Cc: Coach Norris…

Already multiple yellows cards though, whew.

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Granted I haven’t seen Balcer play a ton this season but I think Weaver is pretty tough not to put on this list. I’d be ok if she was on the next 11 I guess

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Soph has been named NWSL PoM for March/April.

Didn't realize there was a month of "March/April." My calendar lists "March" and "April."

I believe Homer has a calendar that lists "Smarch." Wonder who will win NWSL PoM for Smarch?

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