Like everyone here, I’m nervous as a cat; we always struggle in Seattle and (also as everyone has noted) there’s something off about the way Norris is running the defensive midfield and backline and as unpredictable as OLR has been their attacking midfield is coming around.

Form hasn’t held for either club so I honestly have no real sense for what we’ll see. Im just hopeful; c’mon you Thorns!

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Jun 3, 2023·edited Jun 3, 2023

Because of our prior history of not winning away since 2017, I don’t feel particularly good about this one..but when I think about the form and weaknesses of both teams lately, I really have no damn idea. Our team has been an attacking machine. Can they do it in Seattle? Can they do it more than they concede to Seattle? Can or will Norris finally tweak his tactics so our fullbacks and the midfielders are better balanced?

If they can keep the ball on the left side of the field away from Huerta, as well as cut off the Fishlock to Rapinoe pipeline, you dry up 95% of their service. Gotham executed it perfectly. If not, well, Rapinoe will serve up assist after assist after assist. Natu will need to have a good game.

I know this is Norris’ first derby, but I hope he’s really treating it like a playoff game. The other side has said they prepare for these games as they would a championship game, so I hope for no less from our coach as well.

Feeling nervous that he’s gonna go for “leadership and history” with this rivalry, which means a Sinclair start. We’re at the end of a three game week…three of which she played, going 95 minutes just a few days prior. Last thing we need is heavy legs in central midfield with Fishlock cutting right down the middle. Pretty please give us the 17yr old for this one…and let Sinc close out the game. The other side didn’t rotate as much in their midweek game and it would be nice to exploit those tired legs of Sonnet, Cook, and Quinn specifically (who all went 60-90+ on Wed.)

Having Becky back is great, but is this the game we want her first minutes back in? A bit apprehensive with that as well…

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Anybody see the big news? Puget Sound WoSo Team have been sold.

The announcement came two hours ago:


Question: If Textor was able to sell PSWST so quickly, for such a tidy sum, and neatly navigate the DC Kang/OL Kang thing, then why is the Thorns sale proceeding so slowly?

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I saw Carmelina Moscato quit Tigres. She was actually the coach I thought we were pursuing before Wilkinson and after Wilkinson considering her history with KK.

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No Fishlock in the starting XI or the subs list? Seems like blasphemy but sure I’ll take it!

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Wonder if there's a chance we see Hina in midfield given Moultrie and Sinc both played 90 on Wednesday- Maybe Leon out right?

(Probs not)

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I'd trade a Timbers shellacking for a Thorns win but I'd love an away double!

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After falling behind 0-2 Barca are running Wolfsburg ragged and lead 3-2 @ 84 minutes, in the Champions League final. At one point I swear they stitched 50 passes in a row.

Familiar face AMC has subbed in.

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I will put it more succinctly: We're gonna get the shit kicked out of us in Seattle.

I would like to be wrong about this. Please make me wrong about this.

Here's the run of form since mid-April:

1-1 Houston

2-0 Louisville


3-3 @ North Carolina

1-2 @ Houston

4-0 Chicago

1-1 @ San Diego


Not exactly Murderer's Row, is it?

We're 2-1-4 (3-1-4 including CC), since mid-April and it's taken us some pretty miraculous late goals to not to be 2-2-3 (2-2-4 including CC).

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I'm worried about this one. While its a rivalry game, I just feel that Portland is scuffling against the better teams in the league. We have gotten away with it with only one loss, but defensively we seem to give up goals at rough moments. On the other hand, we are due to put a full game together, and I can see Sophia going off after having a rough patch. I'm hoping for a barn-burner, because at least those are fun for the fans!

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