What chance this gets postponed? My phone says AQI is 154.

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Kerolin might be back, but so is Sophia Smith. Apparently she might see "limited minutes" off the bench. Not so for Dunn, though.

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Definitely no Dunn, Bruun, or Hina tonight. Smith? Sinclair? Rocky?

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Aug 20, 2023·edited Aug 20, 2023

Most teams have seen at least some of their available Nats return to action this weekend:

DC Kang started Kingsbury and Sanchez subbed on

Champipple started Morgan

Gotham's Dark Night subbed on O'Hara

Loovull started DeMelo, Borges and Wang, and subbed on Holloway and Kanu

ACFCNFT started Thompson and Riley

KCFUBAR started Debinha

PSWST started Quinn and subbed on Huitema

DoorDash started Alozie and Schmidt, and subbed on Prince (did she play for Canada this time?)

I wish some of ours Nats would return too. The table is unbelievably tight and I think there's a real chance this becomes an 8-team playoff race.

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Aug 19, 2023·edited Aug 19, 2023

Kerolin appears to be back training with NCC, which I'm not particularly excited about!

Specifically: "Per a source knowledgeable about the situation: a deal is still in the works for Kerolin's transfer to Manchester United. Negotiations are expected to continue in the USA.

I've been told that Kerolin is now back in the United States despite IG stories in Brazil."

Also this: "Kerolin’s potential move to Manchester United would set a new record transfer fee for the NWSL — close to the current world record"

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So... Nally WOTM?

Came on 22nd for Sinc, held it down for next 70 minutes as Thorns scored 2 and held NC scoreless for the remainder?

Joking, but still, she's gotta be given some love for helping out the effort.

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Wow, that's a crowded table...

1. NC 26/15

2. POR 25/15

3. NJY 25/16

4. WAS 25/16

5. OLR 24/16

6. SD 24/16

7. ORL 22/16

8. LOU 20/16

9. HOU 19/16

10. ACFC 18/16

11. KC 18/16

12. CHI 16/16

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Portland Thorns FC



The game is still scheduled to begin at 7:30. We will follow steps with the league and notify our social channels if there is any changes due to air quality #BAONPDX

I hope so!

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Hoping at least for better than the Timbers. Holy Hell has that season gone straight down the toilets!

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