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"I think everyone in the organization took last season personally"

I desperately wish the Timbers organization, from top to bottom, had this same mentality. We need the front office, and the coaching staff, to have that chip on their shoulder, and the drive to never see a season like last season again.

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Based on recent form, the Sounders should win this one and fairly easily. However, this is a rivalry game and that means anything can happen. I'm actually going to be there and hope the Timbers can conjure up some magic that night. Lets hope for some players to return to the Pitch (Hello Evander!) and some solid play. If players are ready, I'm hoping for the following:

Mosquera - Zup - McGraw - Bravo

Chara - Ayala

Asprilla - Evander - Moreno


That isn't a bad lineup, and if Paredes is ready to go he can take the place of Ayala. Not much on the Bench, but that is nothing new this year.

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If the Timbers need a piece of motivation for this weekend, how about this:

If the Timbers somehow win, they will tie the MLS series regular season record with the Sounders. It's currently at 13 wins, 14 losses, 7 draws.

The Timbers are also 3 wins 1 loss vs. the Sounders in the playoffs (2 series wins).

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I am predicting a Timbers win and a Galaxy win over LAFC. The two worst teams in the league beating the two best teams in the league

This is MLS, crazier things happen. This is exactly the kind of thing the MLS script writers would write. Bring on the chaos

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Yes- I’m a proud follower of the Sounders since 74 and the Timbers since 76 (and a few others).

This will not be a “blowout” or bloodbath. This is going to be a very difficult game for SSFC. They are off to a good start because it seems everyone has bought into the vision and mission of the org. But this SSFC vs PTFC. Nothing is easy in this rivalry.

MLS will do MLS things. I think this will be a close game, but have no idea who will win.

Hope for a good game free of thuggery and “unnecessary fouls” on both sides.

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I think that the timbers media team is knocking it out of the park to hype up the game. It has made me almost excited for the game!

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I can't believe gios seat isn't even warm. Spencer was 5-4-8 when they fires him in 2012. Gio is 1-2-4 right now and about to be 1-2-5. He is doing worse than Spencer with way more talent. Like wtf is mp doing. If he isn't going to hold anyone accountable than he needs to be forced to sell the club, instead of letting it go into the toilet

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