Sam Coffey scored for the USWNT, helping the USA beat China 2-1 in a friendly. She did a perfect "placement" shot into the upper corner for what I think is her first international goal. I also think Sophia Smith assisted on the other goal, scored by Jaedyn Shaw, so our Thorns showed well.

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Sometimes it's hard for us as fans to connect the players we cheer for on the pitch with the people they are with larger lives and dreams. It's a little sad to read this knowing that Beckman is now pounding the pavement looking for work.

From #17 overall at Top Drawer Soccer in the 2022 NCAA draft to 48th pick to 161 minutes in 5 games in 2022 (1 shot off target, plus 156 minutes in four Cup ties, 1 shot off-target, 1 assist)

To 12 minutes in the away loss to Gotham in 2023 (plus 102 minutes across four Cup ties, no shots, no assists).

Now? Gone. Surely not what she envisioned as a star forward out of Denver when she was picked up by the Thorns in January of '22.

Sport is a damn cruel way to try and make a living.

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Dec 13, 2023·edited Dec 13, 2023


Brother, what in THE HELL are you talking about with this “deepest roster in the league” nonsense? YOU COVER THE TEAM!!

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Thorns general manager Karina LeBlanc said in a press release that Menges "expressed her desire for a change" and the team collaborated with Bay FC to give the 31-year-old veteran her fresh start.

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Vanessa Gilles staying on at Lyon through 2025. Angel City now saying that was always "part of a long-term plan. " Ah yes, it's the Horan Plan.

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Dec 11, 2023·edited Dec 11, 2023

Here's our impending new representative to the NWSL Board of Governors


Chief Impact Maker? Does she know Chief People Officer?

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I, for one, am sad we never got to see much of a "Becky Beckie Beckman" unit out on the pitch.

I hope Nat finds a new gig in footy if she wants to continue. That's one of the good things about expansion and free agency - there are more opportunities.

I noticed at this year's Open Training that Beckman was the first person out on the pitch LONG before anybody else, was smiling and engaged just as she is in that photo, and has some pretty nice ball skills.

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Is....Seattle going to do anything?

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Thorns would have lost Betfort and ??Hubly?? in expansion.

Instead they made trades to lose more.

LeBlanc is like one of those GM's in our fantasy leagues where the commissioner has to step in to void trades when the other GMs start lining up to take advantage...

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Dec 12, 2023·edited Dec 13, 2023

Wonder what Santa is going to bring us tomorrow?

Here is the situation:

Chicago: Alyssa Naeher, Mackenzie Wood (Loan), Samantha Feller, Amanda Kowalski, Tatumn Milazzo, Arin Wright, Taylor Malham, Cari Roccaro, Jill Aguilera, Julia Bianchi, Samantha Fisher, Sophie Jones, Addie McCain, Jenna Bike, Ava Cook, Sarah Griffith, Penelope Hocking, Ally Schlegel

Houston: Emily Alvarado, Jane Campbell, Savannah Madden, Alysha Chapman (maternity leave), Madelyn Desiano, Jyllissa Harris, Natalie Jacobs, Katie Lind, Courtney Petersen, Ally Prisock, Andressa Alves, Sophie Hirst, Barbara Olivieri, Sarah Puntigam, Sophie Schmidt, Havana Solaun, Michelle Alozie, Ryan Gareis, Paulina Gramaglia (on loan), Diana Ordóñez, Nichelle Prince, Cameron Tucker

Louisville: Hillary Beall, Jordyn Bloomer, Katie Lund, Olivia Sekany, Abby Erceg, Julia Lester, Lauren Milliet, Elli Pikkujämsä, Carson Pickett, Jordan Baggett, Ary Borges, Savannah DeMelo, Kayla Fischer, Jaelin Howell, Maddie Pokorny, Kirsten Davis, Parker Goins, Uchenna Kanu, Thembi Kgatlana, Paige Monaghan

North Carolina: Marisa Bova, Hensley Hancuff (ON LOAN), Casey Murphy, Katelyn Rowland, Malia Berkely, Sydney Collins, Kaleigh Kurz, Estelle Johnson, Ryan Williams, Tess Boade, Rikako Kobayashi (INT), Manaka Matsukubo (LOAN, INT), Narumi Miura (INT), Denise O’Sullivan, Victoria Pickett, Brianna Pinto, Clara Robbins, Meredith Speck, Mille Gejl (INT), Haley Hopkins, Tyler Lussi, Kerolin Nicoli (INT), Olivia Wingate

OL Reign: Claudia Dickey, Lauren Barnes, Alana Cook, Sam Hiatt, Sofia Huerta, Jimena López (LOAN), Phoebe McClernon, Jess Fishlock, Luany (LOAN), Quinn, Olivia Van der Jagt, Maia Perez, Ryanne Brown, Bethany Balcer, Elyse Bennett, Jordyn Huitema, Veronica Latsko

San Diego: Lauren Brzykcy, Kailen Sheridan, Shae Yanez, Abby Dahlkemper, Naomi Girma, Kristen McNabb, Danielle Colaprico, Meggie Dougherty Howard, Taylor Kornieck, Jaedyn Shaw, Kelsey Turnbow, Amirah Ali, Rachel Hill, Sofia Jakobsson, Alex Morgan, Sierra Enge

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This, I’m very good with. Hope Hannah can show out in Utah.

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Sorry to see Menges go, but honestly I thought she would have been moved last offseason. I have to believe Karina told her she wouldn't be protected over Hubly and/or that there was no guarantee who would be starting next season, so that makes for an opportunity, if you're Menges, to control your own destiny - aka "Send me to San Jose, not Sandy."

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We have some wonderful pieces in the attack and midfield, but we're REALLY shaky in the backfield. Hoo Boy!

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I’ve always said we don’t need any CBs anyways

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I kinda hope we don’t make a deal, especially since the reported price is now like 250K and the fact we’d have to do it with two teams. I don’t think we have anyone on the bubble worth that price.

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