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A Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns community. Your source for news, previews, recaps, and analysis of all things PTFC.


Sam Svilar 

Soccer fan living behind enemy lines in PNW. Big fan of Diego Valeri, a classic defensive midfielder, and WPIOOTBGB. Site manager for Stumptown Footy.

Wilder Isom

Staff writer for Stumptown footy. Former player -- current fan

Melina Gaspar

I have a passion for women's soccer, especially the Thorns. I also enjoy learning about tactics and programming.

Phuoc Nguyen (Fook Win)

Contributing Writer & Storyteller for Stumptown Footy

Alex Barnes

Lover of soccer, basketball, and football in that order. Covering the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns for Stumptown Footy.

Stumptown Footy 

A Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns FC community. Your source for news, articles, analysis, and all things relevant and irreverent to PTFC.